Yangon ( formerly RANGOON ) is the capital of Myanmar.

Yangon is only one capital which has Int’l Airport and Sea port/terminals at whole Myanmar, till early of 2010, though new Sea terminals at Southern & Western Bay of Myanmar will be operated in near future.


shwedagonTowering over the city of Yangon is the magnificent gold encrusted SHWE DA GON pagoda , a golden pagoda, it is existed before the city of Rangoon, before they became known as Burma or Myanmar. People came from all corner of the earth to wonder of it beauty. Rudyard Kipling called a golden misty, a beautiful unlikely wonder. According to legend it was built by two brothers who met the Buddha and brought home eight hairs from his head. They built the golden stupa, chamber containing the secret of relic, it soon becomes a place of pilgrimage, and history traces the pagoda, at the 11th century. 


chauk-htat-kyiChauk-Htat- Kyi, fourth largest reclining Buddha, with an Enigmatic smile on his lip, the image itself 67m long and famous for the 108 distinguishing mark symbols on the soles of his two huge feet. 


kabarayeKaba-Aye Pagoda, mean world peace pagoda, was built for the 6th Int’l Buddhist Council in 1954.

Maha Pasana Guha cave, where the world Buddhist summit was held at the Maha Passana cave, near the Kaba- Aye Pagoda. 


botataung-01Botataung Pagoda, is said to have the genuine hair relics of Buddha. The pagoda is hollow inside and it is a sort of a mirror-maze inside. At the back yard of the pagoda, there you may find Huge Bronze sitting Buddha which both hands direct 2 symbols of awareness and enlightenment, this Buddha statue has been donated by famous Myanmar actor U Kyaw Hein.


suleSule Pagoda, is the landmark of the heart of Yangon, located near the City Hall. It is said to be 2000 years old. The stupa is 46m high and it is in an octagonal shape.


China Town, 

national-museumNational Museum is a must. It houses the famous Lion Throne, an amazingly decorated golden throne of the Konbaung dynasty, which was brought back from The British Museum, England. Priceless ancient artifacts and historic memorabilia are also on display, including “golden shoe” of the last Myanmar King and some royal documents written on golden plates.


bogyoke-marketThe Bogyoke Aung San ( Scott) Market, has to be top of your list. It is situated in the heart of Yangon and was built in 1926. It is one of the preserved colonial buildings, consists of 1641 shops. Souvenir, Jewellery, handicraft, sculpture, lacquer ware, Rattan ware, painting, umbrella and tapestries, many more can be shop there.

Other Tour highlights which can be extended to:


thanlyinThanlyin ( Syriam), is just across the river from Yangon, spanned by one of the longest bridges in Myanmar. This colonial town was built by the British for its port and petroleum refinery plant. The tomb of 2 famous Myanmar poet of 16th century, an 18th century Portuguese Church, and a century-old Sacred Heart Church are there. 


patheinPathein is Myanmar’s fifth largest city would probably come as a surprise to most visitors, because it has a quiet, small-town feel. Pathein Situated in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta about 190 km west of Yangon is the capital of the Ayeyarwaddy Division (the delta region) and the gate way to Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung beach which are 40km and 48km away from Pathein.It is reached easily by road or by cruise through the complex Ayeyarwaddy river. 


ngwesaungNgwe Saung Beach, is About 48 km from Pathein, a beach frontage on the Bay of Bengal with its clear blue water, sandy beaches and unspoiled and pollution-free natural surroundings, is indeed one of the best places to select for a holiday.


chaungtha-01Chaung Tha Beach, Is an attractive wide beach with a muddy delta look, mostly crowded with local visitors. Chaungtha received its name from the small stream (Chaung) which flowed at the western part of the village. Tha means pleasant in the Burmese language. Thus, Chaungtha means Pleasant Stream in Burmese.


bagoBago ( historical town 75 km northeast of Yangon), was founded in 573 by two Mon princes, which later developed it into the capital of Second of Myanmar Empire , tour sights are Shwe-maw-daw pagoda; Shwethalyaung Buddha , a famous reclining image of a huge Buddha , 180 feet in length and 52.5 feet in height. It was lost for many years as it was covered under earth in the scrub jungle, until an Indian contractor dug up the place, The image was restored in 1881. It is also known as the golden reclining image. 


kanbawza-thadiKanbawza Thadi Palace was built by King Bayintnaung, the founder of the second Myanmar Empire.

Moeyingyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary ; located within 40 miles sq-mile area where the birds from many parts of the world can be observed.

Pho Kyar Camps is a place having a special privilege of occupying a prime location, a little forest bordering with a stream and providing an abundance of water supply for local settlement and elephant bathing.




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