INLE LAKE ( SHAN, where time stands still…)

Shan, the land where according to legend rose out of water, part of Myanmar. Shan is the largest country states occupy the largest mountainus triangle formed by the boarder China, Lao and Thailand.
The Shan legend creating could have been written here, a high plaque toe were Inle lake grow like a gem in setting green hills. It is place of starting beauty when morning high in the myst when life find it own paste and time seems to stands still…

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inle-new-03Upon arrival to Heho airport, about one and half hour drive , Nyaung Shwe ; capital town for Inle lake area where woman from various hill tribe nearby sell their fruit, and vegetable. 
Inle lake is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Shan state. It is well known for its floating villages, colourful market , gardens, traditional handicraft , silver ware , lotus fabric and silk weaving. Inle lake is home of Intha, leg rowers compete the race at every year Phaung daw Oo Pagoda festival. Other recommended tour sites are Indein; where many ancient stupas are ruined and overgrown with bushes.


ngaphe-kyaungNgaphe Kyaung ( jumping cat monestry) this wooden monastery was built on stilts of Inle. Century-old wooden sculpture can be seen there.


kakkuKakku pagoda ;
the lost city of 10,000 pagoda. Our voyage of discovery began in Shan State of upper Burma. A land just recently open to tourism. It has many mystery, one of which is Kakku. Until 1996 as it also known virtually unknown to the outside world. And it never been told before. It ruin roaded by country of winter, Rain, shrouded and silence, Kakku remain a mystery.
Thousand of pagoda crowded together at Kakku , many more may like buried the victim of time an earth quake. Until the archaeologist exuviated this area , applied scientific dating method, it’s the remain legend of mist to explain history had failed to record.


kakku01Monsoon rain and century of neglect has destroyed brightly colour paint, once covered most of them carving. The building disappeared were constructed in 12th century to 17th , style prevalent each Burmese capital of Bagan. Most of Kakku structure are stupas ( Zedi), top with spines called Htee. They are solid , can not be entered.
Buddhist believed , stupas increase the chance of attaining higher form of reincarnation. Brass bell hanging from Htee symbolize good deed. Long time ago, at the end of wet season, that year was special heavy rain, a village woman something got her eye, silver bangle. She banded down and found smiling face of Buddha declare this would become holly place with temple with covered by the earth. She run back to village to tell what she found. When she returned, she could no longer find the place. Fortunately a pig had followed her. The pig place her to the Buddha laid among the tree. This name secrete place Kakku. Ancient language mean help of the pig “ Kakku”.


taungyiTaungyi is situated in Southern Shan State and is the capital of Shan State. It is 4712 feet above the sea level and has a moderately cool climate, located about 500km north of Yangon and about 100 km southeast of Mandalay.

Samkar; where allow only Pa-O guide handl ne the tour in their territory, unknown places to the outside world.


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