bagan-01Ancient city where thousands of temples, stupas , pagodas and remains of the royal palace cover 42 square kilometers, situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy river named Bagan, one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia. Bagan is famous of its beauty of natural landscape at sunset like a painting, background of the mountain and Ayeyarwaddy River, the scene of stupas at field where toddy tree scattering, horse cart are passing by.
Hand-made Lacquer wares are souvenir of Bagan. Traveler can visit the Lacquer ware workshop to observe the process of producing these beautiful handicrafts from Bamboo. Recommended tour site in Bagan are


ananda-01Ananda temple; the finest and the best preserved among all Bagan Temple, built by King Kyan-sit-tha (1084-1113 AD) is significantly different in form. The temple is said to represent the endless wisdom of Buddha.


dhamma-yan-gyi-01Dhammayangyi Temple; one of the most artistic and massive temple was built by King Narathu. It can be found the amazing example of ancient architecture work of the whole temple, inside window and walkway.


that-byin-nyu-01Thatbyinnyu Temple; tallest temple at almost 200ft, was one of King’s Sithu’s (1113-1167AD) finest legacies to the Bagan region.


gu-byauk-gyiGubyaukgyi Temple; noted for its wall painting; depicting scenes from previous lives of Buddha. Its ceiling is full of wall painting and the walls have enough lights to view these clearly. Archaeological Museum; Lawkananda Stupa located east bank of Ayeyarwaddy. Shwezigone Pagoda in Nyaung Oo, Htilominlo; the most prestigious place among the three phases. Bagan extension tour sites are


popa-01Mt. Popa ; few hour drive from Bagan; an extinct volcano; popularly recognized as an abode of many spiritual beings.Pakoku ; a peaceful excursion to unique typical village life , by boat along the Ayeyarwaddy river from Bagan. The nearby 19th century town of Pakhangyi has one of the oldest wooden monasteries in Upper Myanamr with 254 teak pillars. Locals produce tobacco, jiggery palm sugar candy and the famous checkered blankets and woven fabric are remarkable of this region. Salay created its own unique style of Bagan era Architecture which still exist today. Highlights include Payathonezu, Hkinkyiza Kyaung, Yougson Kyaung. Sites of the British colonial past can still be found and a day’s excursion from Bagan can be combined with a visit to Mt. Popa.

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